Gardner Emergency Housing Mission

GEHM is a local, grass-roots endeavor addressing homelessness in Gardner, MASS.
GEHM offers short-term transitional shelter/housing for families with children in the Gardner schools.
Emergencies can happen to anyone, that’s what the name means. Homelessness can also happen. Many people live from pay check to pay check; barely getting by. When the unexpected happens, there can be little recourse to stop the unfortunate events that can remove safety from a family.
All it takes is an accident to the primary provider in a household and trouble can blossom. Or a few missed paychecks due to a car with needed repairs. Or an illness within a family. These types of events, and many more, can lead to loss of employment due to uncontrolled circumstances.
GEHM wants to provide a short-term safety net for families. Along with offering safe housing, Bethany Greene, GEHM’s director, and volunteers, will work with families to review circumstances and find routes to stability in employment, finances and housing. Beyond the basics of housing and some budgeting, aid may include connections to local counselors to address other needs that may be present.
The term of support (months of aid provided to a family) has a defined length, established when agreeing to receive assistance. Various documents outline the scope of aid provided and expectations of the aided family.
The primary route toward consulting on assistance is referrals from the Gardner Public Schools – Counselor’s Office.